How To Build a Thriving Gaming Community: Vol IV

Gaming Industry

May 27, 2021, 4:00 – 5:30 PM


About this event

The opportunity for building community in the gaming industry has never been better. Not only are consumers investing more money and time in gaming, but they have found unique ways to integrate gaming into socialization, life events and their sense of community.

With massive opportunity comes a unique set of challenges. What kind of values do you want the people rallying around your game to display? How can we tackle moderation challenges at scale? How can we ensure inclusivity and diversity? What does it take to be a good community leader?

Join other amazing gaming professionals for a dynamic panel discussion around some important themes for the year ahead. The panelists will share their personal experiences, including some wins and challenges with their communities.

In an interactive session, you and other industry leaders will have the opportunity to learn, share, and discuss topics like:

  • How can gaming companies work with gaming creators for game launches and beyond?

  • Moderation challenges and diversity & inclusion in the gaming industry
  • Hot Trends - what's next for the gaming industry?

Save the date and stay tuned for speakers!

Featured Presentation


  • Snowlit


    RPG Broadcaster

  • Matt Poujade

    Embark Studios

    Community Lead

  • Chris Norris

    Electronic Arts

    Director of Community Management


  • Lincoln Hershberger


    CMO, Electronic Arts and Twitch Alum

  • Marsha Druker


    Senior Program Manager


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